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Je suis artiste lettonne aquarelliste, illustratrice et carnettiste. Spécialiste de la représentation des sentiments, des émotions et des scènes quotidiennes, dans des aquarelles et carnets de croquis. Je mène des méditations artistiques anti-stress à l'aide d'eau et de pigments. J’accompagne les personnes par l’Art Thérapie. La créativité, l’imagination et la perspective sont mes prioritaires en peinture. C’est ce que j’enseigne à mes élèves dans les cours d’aquarelle créative. Je révèle les talents et d’veille à la créativité dans un cadre bienveillant, calme et de détendu. J’ai 20 ans d'expérience dans des entreprises de design textile européennes et américaines. Je fais à la demande de l’illustration et des aquarelles. Je propose des démonstrations publiques, de nombreuses animations en anglais, russe et français.

Retrouvez toutes mes actualités et mes réalisations sur ma page Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KristineKriko, site internet : https://kristinekriko.com/

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- « Un kaléidoscope de villes, de couleurs et de gens »  -   06-12 F évrier 2023   -   Chapelle de la Persévérance, Pau (64)  France


- « Entre Baltique et Pyrénées »  -   05-15 Octobre 2022   -   Médiathèque de Billère (64)  France


-  « Festival international Confluences »   -   09-24 Octobre 2021   - Aiguillon (47)  France

-  Concours « Pau d’Peinture & Patrimoine »   -   24-26 Septembre 2021   -   Pau (64)  France 

-  Exposition d’art  ÂMES d'ARTISTES -   01-16 Juin 2021   -  Marie de Lons (64)  France

FabrianoInAcquarello May 25/31, Italy 2020

Who I am...  

Watercolour and soft pastel artist. Tango dancer. KriKo creator. With experience as a sales and marketing manager and a specialist in textiles. I'm an adventurous traveler with a laptop, sketchbooks and tango shoes in my suitcase.

Kristine KriKo is my Art name. I  from Riga, Latvia. I live, work and create in Pau, France. I am aquarelist and sketcher.

I have Certificate in Evironmental Design , Terapeutic Art Life Coach and Book Illustrator. I studied for a Textile Engineering degree in Riga Technical University as well as a degree in Economics from the Latvian State university.

All my life I have been passionate about painting, sewing, crafts and design, and am immensely grateful to my parents and the universe for the opportunities I have had in my life.

My passion for creating is reflected in my professional life which makes every working day an enjoyable one. Whether that's soft furnishing decoration, curtain design, or even tailoring.

I also have a keen interest in art history, and studying the work of others has helped me to find my own way of expressing my inner world through the creative work that I do!
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What I do...

I aim to create aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable spaces around people. My art and design are universal. I try to offer people something that they can relate to. People can recognise themselves, their hobbies, passions, believes and visualised dreams in my paintings, prints and designs. I try to reflect people’s individuality in uniquely designed objects or custom made painting, decorations and prints.

I can find inspiration for my art everywhere. In people, events, places I visit, nature! I take pleasure in expressing all of the beauty of life in my paintings. KriKoArt

I’ve learned how to celebrate my life and enjoy it through traveling, cooking, discovery and creativity. KriKoLife.

I like to help people to discover their hidden talents and highlight their creative potential. Turn their ideas into reality by making custom designs and decorations. KriKoDesign.

I began exhibiting my art in 2020 where my 'Apples' still life watercolor painting was selected for the international watercolor exhibition in Fabiano, Italy. This was my first art exhibition and I was one of 15,000 selected artists across 80 countries.

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